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          Quality policy

          Sincere service   Refine on   Management specification   Enterprising innovation

          Enterprise mission

          We are committed to building a safe, comfortable and reliable power platform for human automation

          Management idea

          Survival by quality   Seek development with science and technology   Seeking market by reputation

          Enterprise purpose

          "Use our wisdom and sweat to provide customers with high-quality, efficient and satisfactory services; return shareholders, employees and society with the company's sustained and steady income".

          Service commitment

          First class products   First class quality   First class reputation   First class service

          Enterprise vision

          Make the most trusted elevator products in the world by improving quality and value

          Core value

          Customer first   Service first   Quality first   Reputation first

          +86 400-600-1808
          地址:广东省肇庆高新区兴隆三街1号 电话:0758-3630018 E_mail:fjt@szfjt.com
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